Presta vs. Schrader Valve For MTB: Everything There Is To Know

There are two different valves commonly used in mountain bike wheels. One is the standard car valve called Schrader which is also known as the American valve and the other, a bicycle-specific, Presta valve. Which one of these is better for mountain bikes? Presta valve, as a bicycle-specific valve, is better adapted for MTB purposes

How to Winterize Your Mountain Bike

It’s not that easy to just go and ride trails during winter. In places where winters are mild, it’s pretty much the case of having few windproof clothing pieces. However, not all places are like that. In some places, winters can have very cold winds and lots of snow. This may be demotivating for most

Mountain Bike Tires: Why Tubeless Are Better Than Puncture-Proof Tires

I’m guessing puncturing your tires all the time is taking the fun out of mountain biking for you. You then decide to visit your local bike shop and ask for advice. And while some good bike shops care for their customers and offer genuine info, most of them will try to sell you overpriced terrible

MTB Oval Chainrings: Pros and Cons

You’ve most likely heard about oval chainrings by this point. Maybe you even had the chance to try one but you can’t yet decide is it worth buying one or not. I will use my experience with oval chainrings to the best of my ability to try and answer all the questions and concerns I’ve

Upgrading Mountain Bike Pedals: Flat vs. Clipless

Most new bikes come without pedals and even the ones that don’t, usually come with some plastic basic ones. That’s because pedals are highly subjective part to have and pretty much anyone even remotely serious about mountain biking will choose his own. It’s essential that we talk about upgrading pedals because that’s your connection with

Why 1x Drivetrains Will Make You Love and Hate Your Mountain Bike

There is a trendy preference of 1x drivetrains over a now more traditional 2x setup in recent years. My first reaction to this was to ask a question is it a justified trend or did marketers just did their thing to sell us something new, and more expensive… again. While doing my extensive research and