Is Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport?

Mountain bike competition

Cycling has long been a fan-favorite sport at the quadrennial Summer Olympics. But many may not be aware that there are also styles of cycling that compete outside of the primetime telecast that is shown. Mountain biking is one of these cycling sports that is raced at each Summer Olympics, typically in a close-by area

Can You Ride a Hardtail Downhill?

A lot of mountain bikers want to try downhill riding. Sooner or later, you will progress to the point when you feel like you can ride a bit more aggressively. Usually, an average mountain biker starts with cross-country riding on a hardtail bike and slowly progresses through trail riding. From this point, people tend to

Is It Bad to Hang a Bike by the Wheel?

I never really looked into safely storing my bikes until I had multiple bikes, some of them quite expensive. That’s when you start thinking about not only how to store them but store them safely. If something goes wrong, the bikes get damaged or something, the cost of repairs really adds up when you have

Hardtail vs. Softail: How Much Suspension Do You Need?

hardtail vs softtail

Hardtail vs. softtail (full suspension) is a long-running debate in MTB performance dynamics. With many price points and build options, a hardtail and a full-suspension mountain bike might cost the same. There are a variety of factors as to why a rider would choose one or the other. So, what makes some MTB riders choose

Women’s Mountain Bike Clinics

Women’s Mountain Bike Clinics

So you want to get into mountain biking, huh? Or maybe you’re looking to take your riding to the next level? You’ve likely noticed that the sport is growing all over the country, and the world for that matter, and by now some of your friends (if not all) have taken to the trails and

How To Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills

The sport of mountain biking is not just something that a person can casually engage with. It takes lots of practice and a mastery of MTB skills to become successful. Everything from the diet that you eat and the amount of physical activity you get in a day, to the tips needed to ride smoothly