Are Mountain Bike Tires Directional?

I’ve seen lots of misconceptions about mountain bike tires and tires in general. I can understand people trying to think outside the box, but most skip the point of learning the basics first. My personal opinion is that setting tires up properly is essential for any serious mountain biking. I often tell customers at my

Presta vs. Schrader Valve For MTB: Everything There Is To Know

There are two different valves commonly used in mountain bike wheels. One is the standard car valve called Schrader which is also known as the American valve and the other, a bicycle-specific, Presta valve. Which one of these is better for mountain bikes? Presta valve, as a bicycle-specific valve, is better adapted for MTB purposes

Is It Bad to Hang a Bike by the Wheel?

I never really looked into safely storing my bikes until I had multiple bikes, some of them quite expensive. That’s when you start thinking about not only how to store them but store them safely. If something goes wrong, the bikes get damaged or something, the cost of repairs really adds up when you have

Mountain Bike Tires: Why Tubeless Are Better Than Puncture-Proof

I’m guessing puncturing your tires all the time is taking the fun out of mountain biking for you. You then decide to visit your local bike shop and ask for advice. And while some good bike shops care for their customers and offer genuine info, most of them will try to sell you overpriced terrible

Litetube Tires

Litetube Tires

Once wielded solely by elite racers, tubeless tires are gaining popularity with more and more riders these days. Car tires made the evolution to tubeless eons ago, so it’s not surprising to see the same shift happening in the bike world. Litetube tires have thick sidewalls that increase tightness without losing pressure. But how do

Bicycle Rim Tape Alternatives: A Sticky Situation

Rim tapes and strips are often not something we pay much attention to because they don’t affect wheel performance at all. However, what they do affect is the amount of headache you get when changing tires, usually experienced by us mechanics. In addition, decently executed alternatives can save you some money. Is Rim Tape or