Litetube Tires

Litetube Tires

Once wielded solely by elite racers, tubeless tires are gaining popularity with more and more riders these days. Car tires made the evolution to tubeless eons ago, so it’s not surprising to see the same shift happening in the bike world. Litetube tires have thick sidewalls that increase tightness without losing pressure. But how do

Bicycle Rim Tape Alternatives: A Sticky Situation

Rim tapes and strips are often not something we pay much attention to because they don’t affect wheel performance at all. However, what they do affect is the amount of headache you get when changing tires, usually experienced by us mechanics. In addition, decently executed alternatives can save you some money. Is Rim Tape or

How to Fix Mountain Bike Tire Wobble on a True Rim

Luckily, having a tire wobble on a true rim is not so commonly seen these days. Years ago, I remember it was a must-happen situation with pretty much any inner tube setup. Tubeless setups were a bit more fortunate to avoid these problems because of the air pressure being spread perfectly even on the tire’s

Zipp Wheels

Within the sport of mountain biking, the durability of a bike’s wheels are likely the most crucial component of the entire bike. So this means you need to ensure you have quality wheels, especially if you are thinking about starting Enduro or Cross-country cycling. Zipp wheels are perhaps one of the top 5 companies in

Mountain Bike Tire Pressure

Mountain Bike Tire Pressure

When out riding our mountain bikes, one of the easiest aspects of our bikes to forget is the overall tire pressure. Mountain bike tire pressure is very important to ensure you have the smoothest and most effective mountain bike ride possible. There are many different things to keep in mind when it comes to mountain

Help! My Tubeless Valve Stem Leaks and Won’t Stop

Tubeless valve stem leaking air might be the most annoying thing to service for most folks. I could say it was for me as well for a very long time. Luckily, with experience comes a different approach and much better analysis. Now, I can pretty much say what’s wrong with it in the first minute