Mountain Bike Chain Skipping When Pedaling Hard: Tips and Solutions

Bicycle Chain Skips Gears

Bicycle chains can skip over cogs for many reasons. It’s important to differentiate and find out how exactly the chain skips. This will save you a tremendous amount of time in finding a solution. Unfortunately, bike chain skipping brings too many possible problems and solutions with it, and just trying random solutions won’t lead you

Wet or Dry Chain Lube For Mountain Biking: Keep It Slippery

In any better equipped bike shop on the shelves, you will find a large selection of different types of chain lubricants. But we have noticed that finding the right one for your bike can be difficult. Most lubricants are formulated with a specific task in mind, and each has its advantages and limitations. Chain Wear

Chainring Wobble – Why It Happens and How to Fix It

The thing about chainring wobble is that it messes up with a lot of stuff on your bike. The first that comes to my mind is component damage. Chainring wobble means the chainring and the chain are moving left and right in correlation to the frame. The chain is catching sprockets at a weird angle,

Are Mountain Bike Chains Directional?

I’ve seen many guides on chains and their installation that don’t ever mention directional chains. So I thought that I should clarify some stuff about them so you can avoid getting into unnecessary problems with the wrong chain direction. Are mountain bike chains directional? Only some mountain bike chains are directional. Not every brand chose

How to Change a Bike Chain Without a Chain Tool

I know how the costs add up when you have to take your bike to a local bike shop for every little repair. But actually, you don’t need to. There are plenty of simple repairs, and some of them can even be done without professional tools. One of the simplest repairs is performing a change

Can You Add Links to a Bike Chain?

A bicycle chain is the single most maintenance requiring component. They wear out, stretch, bend, break, and a million other things, including improper length. Sometimes, the only thing that’s broken is a tiny part of the chain. The question is: Can You Add Links to a Bike Chain? Yes, you can. You need a chain