Bicycle Rim Tape Alternatives: A Sticky Situation

Rim tapes and strips are often not something we pay much attention to because they don’t affect wheel performance at all. However, what they do affect is the amount of headache you get when changing tires, usually experienced by us mechanics. In addition, decently executed alternatives can save you some money. Is Rim Tape or

How to Fix Mountain Bike Tire Wobble on a True Rim

Luckily, having a tire wobble on a true rim is not so commonly seen these days. Years ago, I remember it was a must-happen situation with pretty much any inner tube setup. Tubeless setups were a bit more fortunate to avoid these problems because of the air pressure being spread perfectly even on the tire’s

I Want To Increase My Bike Handlebar Height: Are Stem Risers Safe?

I’ve never really looked to raise handlebar height for myself, however, I’ve had countless requests to do so by my customers. Mainly people who are not too much into road cycling or mountain biking and just want to be comfortable on their bike which they ride occasionally. Spoiler alert: we’re going to be talking about stem

Bent Derailleur Hanger Symptoms And Solutions: Don’t Get Bent

Bent derailleur hanger problems? I feel you. I remember back in the day when I used to ride cheap mountain bikes that had no derailleur hanger, only a built-in dropout on the frame. It was fine if the frame was made from steel. You could bend it back and forth countless times and it never

Is It Bad to Put A Bike With Hydraulic Disc Brakes Upside Down?

Having squishy brakes is quite scary. I always kept worrying about what if this happens when I’m riding downhill on a trail. Luckily, that’s close to impossible to happen unless you cut the hydraulic brake hose on something. Which again, I don’t recall ever seeing it happen on a trail ever. A problem often happens,

Can You Fit an 11 or 12 Speed MTB Cassette on a 10 Speed Hub?

A lot has changed in the mountain biking world in recent years. The MTB cassette is becoming wider and wider with more gears, almost every year. While most people are simply switching to new bikes which are already adapted to new drivetrains, some of us are keen on keeping our old bikes with which we