Are Mountain Bike Chains Directional?

I’ve seen many guides on chains and their installation that don’t ever mention directional chains. This is not one of those guides. We will now address the question: Are mountain bike chains directional? Only some mountain bike chains are directional. Not every brand chose to make their MTB chains directional because it is not necessary. However,

Are Mountain Bike Tires Directional?

I’ve seen lots of misconceptions about mountain bike tires and tires in general. I can understand people trying to think outside the box, but most skip the point of learning the basics first. My personal opinion is that setting tires up properly is essential for any serious mountain biking. I often tell customers at my

MTB Oval Chainrings: Pros and Cons

You’ve most likely heard about oval chainrings. Maybe you even have had the chance to try one but you can’t yet decide if it is worth buying one or not. I will use my experience with oval chainrings to the best of my ability to try and answer all the questions and concerns I’ve seen

Presta vs. Schrader Valve For MTB: Everything There Is To Know

There are two different valves commonly used in mountain bike wheels. One is the standard car valve called Schrader which is also known as the American valve and the other, a bicycle-specific, Presta valve. Which one of these is better for mountain bikes? Presta valve, as a bicycle-specific valve, is better adapted for MTB purposes

Chain Stuck Between Chainrings and Frame? Get Unstuck Fast

There are many ways in which a chain can get stuck. Probably the most common one is chain getting stuck between chainrings and frame. For those that confuse chainrings with cogs, a chainring is a set of cogs on the crankset in bicycle terms. In recent times, chainrings and crankset became somewhat a synonym. Why

How To Install Disc Brakes On A Road Bike

We love providing our readers with top-notch, practical maintenance advice. One of the larger-scale maintenance tasks is to install disc brakes. I always liked asking pro cyclers for advice about components until I realized I don’t get good advice from them. Not because they don’t give good advice but because I’m not a pro cycler