Hard Core Mountain Biking Fans

When it comes to mountain biking, there are certain designated fandoms that exist for the activity. You have some who simply view MTB as a leisure activity, and then there are those who go full throttle into the sport of MTB, in both professional and amateur capacities. Then there are those of us who are

Mountain Biking University

Mountain biker in canyon

Mountain biking holds the distinction of being both a fulfilling leisure activity, an incredible activity for physical fitness, and a competitive sport all in one. Mountain biking allows cyclists to see and experience majestic landscapes and receive a low-impact workout at the same time. Mountain biking is many things depending on the person’s favored goal

Is Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport?

Mountain bike competition

Cycling has long been a fan-favorite sport at the quadrennial Summer Olympics. But many may not be aware that there are also styles of cycling that compete outside of the primetime telecast that is shown. Mountain biking is one of these cycling sports that is raced at each Summer Olympics, typically in a close-by area

Can You Ride a Hardtail Downhill?

A lot of mountain bikers want to try downhill riding. Sooner or later, you will progress to the point when you feel like you can ride a bit more aggressively. Usually, an average mountain biker starts with cross country riding on a hardtail bike and slowly progresses through trail riding. From this point, people tend

Is It Bad to Hang a Bike by the Wheel?

I never really looked into safely storing my bikes until I had multiple bikes, some of them quite expensive. That’s when you start thinking about not only how to store them but store them safely. If something goes wrong, the bikes get damaged or something, the cost of repairs really adds up when you have

How to Winterize Your Mountain Bike

It’s not that easy to just go and ride trails during winter. In places where winters are mild, it’s pretty much the case of having few windproof clothing pieces. However, not all places are like that. In some places, winters can have very cold winds and lots of snow. This may be demotivating for most