Utah Mountain Biking

Utah Mountain Biking Trails

Utah is a beautiful state, full of nature, national parks, state parks, and open skies. It is no wonder that the state of Utah is home to over 1,203 mountain biking trails covering over 3,788 miles! Utah is also home to the “mountain biking capital of the United States” in Moab, with a crowd favorite trail called “the Whole Enchilada.” But more on Moab later…

If you are looking for the best place to go to experience the mountain biking community, fantastic trails, and exciting events, then head straight to Utah.

Red Bull Mountain Biking

Also known as Red Bull Rampage, the Red Bull mountain bike competition is a hot ticket event in the mountain biking community, drawing crowds and competitors from around the world. The kicker is that the Red Bull Rampage is an invite-only event, meaning that only mountain bikers who are asked to participate are allowed to. Typically there are only about 20 riders who are invited to participate in Red Bull Rampage. 

Red Bull Rampage is held close to Zion National Park, in the town of Virgin, Utah. It is a freeride competition. The competitors face off for a cash prize and bragging rights of course! They are judged on their technicality, their line down the hill, tricks, and complexity.

Red Bull Rampage is often 3 days of digging, where the riders create their bike lines. The next four days are for the riders to test their bike paths, try out jumps and ticks, and reshape lines where they deem necessary. 

Moab Mountain Biking

Moab is one of the most famous locations for mountain biking, and is known as the mountain biking capital of the United States! Moab’s most famous trail is the Slickrock Bike Trail which stretches for over 9 miles. It is full of technical maneuvers and challenging terrain but is beloved by bikers who can handle it.

Moab is also home to easier and more relaxed mountain biking trails for beginners or those who prefer to not be full of adrenaline. Moab is a year-round mountain biking destination if you can crack local and expert knowledge about where to go. 

Moab is an extremely famous mountain biking location, and all die-hard mountain bikers should go to visit at least once to experience Moab.

Moab mountain biking

Deer Valley Mountain Biking

The mountain biking trails in Deer Valley are extensive and beautiful, spreading across 6 mountains and 3,000 feet of elevation. Deer Valley has close to 70 miles of trails, 4 of which are flow trails created by Gravity Logic! Deer Valley’s trails also interconnect with Park City’s over 400 miles of single-track mountain bike trails.

In the summer months, you can access the tops of the mountains via a lift, on Silver Lake Express, Homestake Express, and Sterling Express chairlifts. At Deer Valley Resort you can sign up for private mountain bike lessons, although they must be reserved in advance.

Deer Valley Resort is very close to the next mountain biking location, Park City! If you are enjoying your time here at Deer Valley Resort, you should take a trip over to Park City’s Gold Level Ride Center to try out the IMBA’s first Gold Level rides.

Park City Mountain Biking

Park City, Utah is a well-renowned mountain biking location that boasts extensive trails, bars, restaurants, galleries, mountain coaster, slides, and many other accommodations that visitors and locals can both enjoy.

The International Mountain Biking Association (the IMBA,) has labeled Park City as the world’s first Gold Level Ride Center! Park City’s Gold Level trails span over 450 miles and connect with the trails at Deer Valley Resort nearby. 

Park City’s best time during the mountain biking season is from mid or late May to September or October, depending on the weather conditions and temperature. However, the chairlift to take you up the mountain only runs from the middle of June to the middle of September.

Sundance Mountain Biking

Sundance Mountain Resort is an excellent location for stunning views, fantastic biking trails, and a relaxing atmosphere. Sundance Mountain Resort is home to over 25 miles of single-track mountain bike trails that both locals and visitors love to ride. 

These trails are also accessed via a chairlift, so you do not have to worry about getting up the mountain. All Sundance Mountain Resort bike trails have been designed for both downhill and uphill riding. The trails range from intermediate to expert tracks.

Sundance Mountain Resort additionally hosts mounting biking clinics where mountain bikers of any skill level can sign up to improve their technical skills and overall riding with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Mountain bike rentals are available as well.

Be sure to check out the Sundance Mountain Resort for information on mountain bike races and other events.

Utah mountain biking

Hut to Hut Mountain Biking

The Aquarius Trail in Utah’s Color Country is one of the most exciting, beautiful, and challenging mountain bike experiences in the United States. The Aquarius Trail and Hut system are a unique set up of huts along a mountain biking trail run by Aquarius trails. The way this system works is via sign-up. 

Riders who are interested in the 6-day excursion into the Utah wilderness sign up with the Aquarius team, who provide them with information about the trails, the itinerary per day, the distances between each hut, and so on. 

The riders, once fully informed and prepared, will set off on their 190-mile adventure. When the group or rider reaches the next hut, that is where they spend the night! The staff members stock the hut with food, towels for showering, wood for a fire, and other amenities. The huts have ample parking and family or friends who choose not to bike the trails can still spend the night at the huts with the bike riders. 

The huts have keypad locks. The riders are required to tidy up the huts before they leave and make sure that everything is locked up. Lunch and dinner are provided in each hut, with vegetarian options and gluten-free menu items available upon request! Lunch is designed to be made and taken with riders on the trail.

Each hut can sleep 12 people, but Aquarius Trails and Huts can make accommodations for larger groups traveling together, all you have to do is reach out to the team at Aquarius. 

The huts have no environmental impact and have running water and electricity. The electricity is supplied by solar panels. Aquarius Trail and Hut System is a great way to spend a week in nature without having to worry about setting up a camp at the end of a long day on the trail. 

So if you end up in Utah’s Color Country, make sure to look into taking a 190 mile, 6 day, mountain biking experience!