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  • Fox 34 Rhythm

    Specifically designed for aggressive MTB rides, the Fox Suspension 34 Float Rhythm Boost Fork, also known as the “Fox 34 Rhythm,” gives you exceptional impact resistance on the roughest of mountain bike rides. So what makes this fork worth having? Whether you’re competing or riding for leisure, the Fox 34 Rhythm is engineered for brilliant Keep reading…

  • Chrome shoes

    When you are riding your mountain bike, having some accessories that conform to your performance and the environment are crucial. In 2007, Chrome released its first pair of shoes, the Chrome Milo. This was an expansion beyond their acclaimed bags, and both the brand’s shoes and bags have become quintessential necessities for MTB. So what Keep reading…

  • YT Izzo Bikes

    YT Izzo Bikes have long stepped out of their comfort zone with a line of bikes that they claim to be “light, agile, fast” both up and down the trail. Known for capable, big travel bikes that complement the rider with descending performance, they turned the page with MTB and explored what they could do Keep reading…