New England Mountain Biking

If you love mountain biking, New England is one of the best places to go biking in the United States. 

Vermont Mountain Biking

The green mountains in Vermont are some of the best mountain biking trails in the New England area. There are over 1400 miles of trails. There are trails for first-time riders as well as many harder trails if you are looking for more adventure and adrenaline. Stratton trails are the most popular mountain biking trails in the Vermont area. 

Most of the best biking parks and trails in Vermont have bike rentals if you don’t have your own bike or don’t want to bring your own bike. Many of the parks also offer lessons and group programs to help you get started. 

Most mountain biking parks also have an age minimum of 5 years. If your child is between the ages of 5-14, you will need to be on the trails with them for supervision. Make sure to check the bike park rules before going so you know for sure. 

Most of the biking parks also have a lift that takes you to the top of the mountains. These are most common when there is a park with downhill or gravity riding. The lift will drop you off at the top of the mountain and then you can start your journey. 

Some of the mountain biking parks also have repair services in case your bike gets damaged, and you need help getting back on the trail. 

Depending on the trails you are riding, you might need a specific bike. This is why some people choose to rent rather than bring their own. You will need front and rear brakes to go mountain biking in Vermont. You should also have a minimum 26” wheel diameter with a minimum of 4” of shock travel and disc brakes. You might also want to set your seat at a lower position. 

While mountain biking in Vermont isn’t dangerous, you should only go biking at places that have you sign a waiver. This shows they are responsible and reputable. Some bike parks also have medical services on-site in the rare event you get injured or need care. 

Some things to remember when going mountain biking in Vermont:

  • Always wear comfortable closed-toed shoes 
  • Make sure you have a full-face helmet for the downhill trails and gravity trails 
  • Helmets are required at most bike parks in Vermont and you will not be allowed to ride without one
  • Body gear is not required but is highly recommended including leg protection, chest protection, elbow pads, gloves, and goggles 

Many of the mountain biking parks also have resorts as part of the park. This means you can easily rest and refuel after a long day of biking before heading back onto the trails. It also offers a convenient place to eat and relax with your family and friends. 

Here are the most common bike parks in Vermont that you should check out when planning your trip. 

Killington Mountain Biking

Killington bike park has over three high-speed lifts with over 30 miles of trails. There is terrain suitable for everyone. There are three unique areas to keep in mind including:

  • Snowshed: there is for beginners and intermediate riders. It’s great for progressing through your skill levels during your trip or training. 
  • Ramshead: this area is full of signature freeride trails with intermediate and advanced terrain
  • Killington Park: classic New England trails with lots of rocks and roots, perfect for those seeking thrills and wanting to up their mountain biking game

Mount Snow Mountain Biking

Mount Snow has been open for over 33 years. It’s mostly downhill mountain biking. Their trail system also has berms, ladders, man-made surfaces, and dirt jumps. It also has Gateway trail, which is the longest introductory downhill trail in the eastern part of the United States. 

Most of the trails are okay for beginner riders because the downhill features will do most of the work for you. This means you can let gravity do the work and you can just enjoy the ride. 

Okemo Mountain Biking

This is another park that mostly features downhill mountain biking. Many of the trails go through open terrain and parts of forests. The trails are for a large variety of riders and can be ridden on all different kinds of mountain bikes. 

There are many different popular trails to choose from that will keep you busy and increase your biking skills. 

Powder Ridge Mountain Biking

Powder Ridge mountain biking trails need to be ridden on full-suspension mountain bikes with at least 5 inches of travel. There is a lift that takes you to the top of the trails. All the trails are downhill trails, so they are suitable for all age levels and all skill levels. 

You can buy a parking pass to do many different activities in the park if you are interested in things other than mountain biking. 

Jiminy Peak Mountain Biking

For mountain biking in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, make sure to go mountain biking in Jiminy Peak. The chairlift takes you all the way to the top of the mountain or you can start from the lower mountain parts for more advanced and uphill terrain. 

Most of the trails at this park are more suitable for experienced riders. Full suspension bikes and body armor are needed to ride at this park. 

Yudicky Mountain Biking

Yudicky’s mountain biking trails are for advanced riders that have twisting and tight trails. They need more technical skills than other trails in Vermont. The most commonly used trails are Barbed Wire, Windigo, Creepy Teepee, and Worm Hole. 

Make sure to take a few classes at this park if you think you need some help or want expert advice. 

Final Thoughts 

Mountain biking in Vermont has some of the best trails. There are parks for all skill levels and riders. Many people choose to make an entire vacation by staying at the resorts and spending a few days biking.