Hydraulic Disc Brake Pads Are Too Close – Learn How to Fix Quickly

mountain bike hydraulic brake pads

Having hydraulic disc brake pads too close to each other leaves no place for the rotor to spin freely. There are several different reasons why pistons don’t retract completely. It’s actually a widespread problem, and some causes are straightforward to fix. However, there are deeper mechanical problems that can cause pistons to be out of

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Disc Brakes on Your Mountain Bike

Bicycle hydraulic disc brakes are a bit delicate in comparison to motorcycle or car hydraulic brakes. Therefore, there are occasional maintenance issues that can result in insufficient braking power. Braking power loss is sometimes severe because bike hydraulic disc brakes don’t have too much braking power to begin with. Otherwise, they would block the wheels

Bike Shifter Is Stuck – Possible Problems And Solutions

Having a stuck shifter is one of the most common maintenance issues on any bicycle. You’ve probably experienced this yourself. It has several reasons why it happens, most of which can be easily prevented or fixed. You should not waste too much money on this problem by going to bike shops for repairs. Most of

How to Cut Bike Cable Housing

  Everyone who has ever cut a brake or gear cable housing knows how frustrating it can be when you can’t get that clean cut required for the cable to move smoothly. Even worse is when you install it that way, and it starts collapsing on itself with any pressure applied by the brakes or

Five Easy Steps to Keep Handlebar Grips From Slipping

Whether or not you ride mountain bikes, road bikes, or any other type of bicycle, all cyclists know how fragile some parts of our bikes can become. When you’re riding a mountain bike down the trail or even a city street, it should be easy to feel if something is out of place. Even though

How to Change a Bike Chain Without a Chain Tool

I know how the costs add up when you have to take your bike to a local bike shop for every little repair. But actually, you don’t need to. There are plenty of simple repairs, and some of them can even be done without professional tools. One of the simplest repairs is performing a change